Zoro’s reputation precedes him and is only to be superseded by his ability to communicate. He exudes warmth and a contagious energy that leaves his audience feeling educationally as well as spiritually satiated. For over 2 hours, Zoro demonstrated concepts from his award winning book and his three videos. The audience was spellbound as he took them on a musical journey that included soul, funk, hippo, second line drumming and R&B. Many times a clinician will demonstrate his “chops” and not really impart any educational message to an audience. This was not the case with Zoro whose main aim was to leave the audience with a heightened awareness of all of the aforementioned styles. By making this his focus rather than ceasing the opportunity to demonstrate his technical prowess, as most would do, it became evident that this man is operating in a class by himself. Drummers and non-drummers alike who attended the workshop, remarked how “user friendly”, real, and informative he was. As a matter of fact, some reported that they had never realized that there was so much complexity to playing the drum.
Zoro leaves his audience renewed, refreshed and wanting more. His staunch moral and ethical values add a dimension to his persona that make one proud to be a drummer and musician. He has raised the profession of percussionist to a vocation as well as an art form.
Drum brigade